See a Lawyer First

One of the most frustrating experiences for attorneys is for a client to make an appointment to review a contract that has already been signed.

Sometimes the contract was signed only one week before the attorney had the opportunity to review it. Other times, the client is being threatened with a suit or needs to get out from under the contract and wants to know his rights.

It costs considerably more money to hire an attorney to untangle a person from an unwanted contract than it would have to hire him before the document was signed. Often, litigation becomes necessary. This usually costs several thousands of dollars and the outcome may still be unfavorable to the client.

Contracts are written for two primary reasons. One is to state all the terms of the oral agreement. The other is to anticipate all the things that could go wrong and place a party in the best possible position should something wrong happen.

This means that if you leave the drafting of the contract to others, the odds are the contract will favor the other side.

You should consult with a lawyer at an early stage in contract negotiations. Express your concerns and the basic terms of your contract. Have the attorney negotiate the terms for you.

Afterward, you may be able to file the contract away and give it little thought. But you will have the peace of mind in knowing that should a problem arise, the contract may be in your favor.