When to Contact a Divorce Attorney

People are sometimes hesitant to contact a divorce lawyer. They may know that there is no hope of salvaging the relationship, but they often wait out of fear, guilt, or indecisiveness. They worry about the impact the divorce may have on their children or what friends or other family members might think.

The fact is that many people wait too long to contact a divorce attorney in Santa Clarita or in our other offices. Many will lead lives of quiet desperation at best or physical and emotional battering at worst. Quite a few will wake up one day and realize that many years have passed since they first wanted to divorce their spouse. They also do not realize that living in a home with partners that are at war with each other is harder on children than in homes of divorced parents.

Anyone that is being abused by their partner should know that there are legal remedies that can be used to stop this from happening once the decision has been made to leave. While people assume all victims are female, there are actually many men that are beaten, emotionally abused, stalked or have their possessions vandalized by women partners. The same is true for same sex couples whether there is marriage involved or not. A Santa Clarita divorce attorney from our office or other office locations can help people in these situations to obtain restraining orders.

People that fear losing possessions due to a divorce proceeding need to keep in mind that as a California is a community property state, which means that most things acquired during the marriage will be considered community property and will be split equally in a family law trial. However, anything generally acquired before the marriage, after the date of separation or by gift or inheritance will be considered separate property and will not be divided. Any child or spousal support issues can also be resolved or arranged by contacting our office.