It's Not Really Like CSI

People often enjoy TV programs like CSI. The show is sometimes riveting as it describes how a team of investigators uses modern technology and evidence found at crime scenes to get the bad guys. While the techniques that are used on these types of shows are real ones that criminal investigation labs use, most crimes are not solved neatly in 45 minutes. Called the CSI effect by some, these shows have made jurors want to see more hard evidence and less evidence that is circumstantial.

Evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, and blood spatter patterns are all recognized as scientifically based and often useful in solving crimes. Fingerprints and DNA can point to one person in millions being placed at a crime scene, but these alone do not always indicate that the person was the perpetrator. Blood spatter patterns can show how a weapon such as a knife was used in an assault or murder. It can also reveal things such as the original position of a body or tell whether it has been moved.

No matter how good the tools are for solving crimes such as murder, the fact is that these do not tell the whole story and these factors alone do not decide a person’s innocence or guilt. Our lawyers in Lancaster, CA have often been able to create reasonable doubt in juror’s minds that has allowed someone accused of a serious crime to go free. They can often do this by calling into question how the evidence was collected or handled.

People that are accused of a crime such as murder or assault can sometimes use a public defender. However, most will be better served by hiring a Lancaster attorney with the Werner Law Firm that has experience with these types of cases. Many times it is possible to use the same types of scientific data to show why a person has not committed the crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation states that as of 2011, murder and non-negligent manslaughter went down 1.9%. While this statistical decline is commendable and worth noting, such crimes are unlikely to disappear anytime in the near future. Many people will also ignore the fact that anyone can be accused of a crime. There are often people that are innocent of wrongdoing yet will be charged in a criminal case. For these reasons, it is even more important to find appropriate legal representation to help negate the impact of the CSI effect and create reasonable doubt.