Find Out Your Options with a Santa Clarita Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can be traumatic for all concerned, particularly if there are children involved in your dissolution. It is difficult for the average person to know how to address such situations on a day to day basis. You may still be living with your spouse; things may be volatile. Contacting a Santa Clarita divorce attorney with the Werner Law Firm is generally the best thing you can do. Even if the situation has not gotten to the point where you need to take legal action, our attorneys will be able to answer your questions and help guide you through the process. To this end, we offer a free initial telephone consultation.

Our Santa Clarita divorce attorney with the Werner Law Firm, when retained, will review your case and figure out a game plan moving forward. We can address issues of child support and custody (where appropriate), attorney fees, spousal support, and property issues. The state of California has specific guidelines that must be followed to determine what the child support should be and the court will normally see that the insurance, division of medical bills and contributions to the children’s care when needed are all continued until the children reaches the age of 18. In addition, spousal support is usually based on the duration of the marriage and the relative incomes and earning capacities of both parties involved in the marriage dissolution.

Keep in mind: California has a cooling off period of six months after a spouse is served before the divorce can be finalized. However, the court can make temporary orders with regard to custody, support, and other issues during this time. You can feel confident in the professionalism and expertise of our firm. Should you have any questions, contact a divorce attorney in Santa Clarita with the Werner Law Firm, and we would be happy to assist.