Three Civil Case Options

There are three options to pursue as a part of civil cases, based on how much money is involved.

Small claims cases deal primarily with smaller disputes. In a small claims matter, a party can sue for up to $10k (with some exceptions). Attorneys are not allowed to represent individuals in the initial small claims court proceedings, which allows for the situation to be handled in a less formal fashion, and with no attorney fees to cover. The filing fees are usually much less expensive, and you will likely get a trial date on a much quicker basis.

A second option is a limited civil case: these cases have a jurisdictional limit of up to $25k. The third option, an unlimited civil case involves disputes over $25k. Both limited civil and unlimited civil cases can become complicated, and it is generally highly recommended that you have an attorney represent you in such proceedings. It is, of course, possible to represent yourself (in “pro per”), but given the serious nature of such matters, and the fact that the law will hold you to the same standards as attorneys, it is generally best to hire an attorney as opposed to trying to bumble through an unfamiliar process.

Consequently, it’s best to have a civil attorney help you in these situations. Our attorneys at the Werner Law Firm have handled many different civil litigation cases in our time, including personal injury matters, contractual disputes, issues of fraud, insurance policy disputes, and elder abuse (to name a few). We have been named Best Civil Attorney by The Signal Newspaper, and hold all of our attorneys to the highest standard of excellence.

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