How a DUI can Change Your Life

You will want to contact a Bakersfield lawyer as soon as possible if you are stopped for a DUI, or “driving under the influence.” This is not something that you should be casual about doing and think that you can put the call off until next week or “later on.” The reason is that you have a ten-day window of opportunity to use a technique called a DMV hearing.

This hearing is something that can only be requested in the ten days following the arrest. If you miss that time period, you lose any chance of this hearing helping you to avoid a full-blown DUI charge. When this hearing is obtained, your Bakersfield attorney will meet with a DMV employee to discuss specific aspects of your case. This method is often used to discredit the way the stop was conducted or how the evidence was gathered. In that many times the reason for the stop was not handled correctly or the testing equipment was not properly maintained, the charge can often be dismissed. This results in no penalties, insurance rate increases, or other problems. This method does not work for every case but does result in a significant number of cases being dropped each year.

Should you be unable to use a hearing, having a Bakersfield lawyer on your side is still a good idea. The courts and judges that handle these cases can vary in how they handle sentencing, fines and other issues. Having someone handle your case that knows the court system is important in order to have this charge have the least amount of impact to you financially and emotionally.

If you or someone you know has been stopped for driving under the influence, please contact our office as soon as possible. We serve Bakersfield, Santa Clarita, Encino, Lancaster, Pasadena, the Simi Valley and adjacent areas. The law offices of L. Rob Werner can help you to decide the best course of action. Call the office today at 818-362-0331 to discuss your needs.