Think you will never need a personal injury attorney? Think again.

People often will confer with a personal injury attorney in Encino at our firm or nearby areas when they have been hurt in automobile accidents. Many people that are hurt in these events need help because they realize that the insurance company involved is trying to short change them. Like it or not, neither a person’s own auto insurance company nor the other party’s insurance company generally have a person’s best interests in mind. Sure, they may make all sorts of soothing sounds and express concern while trying to arrange a settlement, but rest assured, their interests lie in helping their stockholders and not the people that got hurt. It is because of this feigned concern that many people feel pressured to sign forms too quickly, often before the full extent of their injuries or damage as really been examined. Before agreeing to anything, it is in your best interests to have an Encino attorney at our firm review all of the information. Contacting the Werner Law Firm may prevent you from signing prematurely.

Auto injuries can be bad, but motorcycle injuries or those involving big rigs and passenger cars can be especially horrific. When something like this occurs, people often have injuries that will require multiple surgeries or some form of life long care. If the settlement offered by the insurance company is too small, people may be shortchanged on the care that they really need. This is another instance when a legal review is in order.

The realm of personal injury law can also extend to other issues. People are sometimes injured so badly at their jobs that they can no longer work. When this happens, the injured party should absolutely contact an Encino attorney with the Werner Law Firm that handles this type of case. People in these situations need to arrange for care for themselves, but also plan for the future of their families. Without adequate legal representation, they can be rushed into signing forms that they should not be signing. Some people will also be forced to go back to work prematurely by employers with subtle or not so subtle threats of termination of employment. The right attorney can put a stop to this.

Having a child born with a birth defect or injury can be devastating for the entire family. Some children will need special medical care or additional educational resources for all or part of their lives. While it is impossible to predict why some of these births occur, some are directly tied to the actions or inactions of the doctor. In this case, something has to be done to provide for the baby. Contacting an injury lawyer is important just as it is with patients that have had other medical events go wrong such as botched surgeries.