Why You May Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most people will live all or most of their lives without ever being involved in a criminal law case. People like to think that these dramatic cases are something they see on the evening news or perhaps when watching Dateline or 48 Hours. The fact is that anyone can be accused of a crime and need someone like a criminal defense attorney in Pasadena.

Innocent people are not always drawn into criminal cases but it does happen. Sometimes there is evidence that wrongly seems to implicate someone in a case even though that person had nothing to do with it. These things can turn a person’s life upside down but these can also destroy a person’s reputation. Anyone that is brought in for questioning by a police agency about a crime is under no obligation to answer questions. While some people may have the desire to try to help with the investigation, this is something not a good idea. People that want to help will be better served by having legal representation such as a Pasadena criminal defense lawyer by their side.

Sometimes people are drawn into these types of cases because of an association with someone like a murder victim. The last person to see the victim can sometimes be suspect as can be ex-husbands, old boyfriends or girlfriends, neighbors or former business partners. These are all instances in which it can be beneficial to have legal counsel on board.

Other issues that come up where someone needs legal assistance can be less dramatic. Sometimes teens or young adults do not use good judgment. They may have questionable friends or be involved in activities that they should not be engaged in. This can be something that involves one or two people or an entire group. Some of these may involve property crimes but there can also be issues that involve assaults or similar crimes against people. One that comes up for young men can be sexual assault. While there are cases in which this happens, there are just as many that occur in which someone is falsely accused or in which the consent issues between two people are hazy. Retaining a criminal attorney from Pasadena is something people will want to do as soon as possible if they or a family member are accused of this type of crime.

One of the most common needs for hiring an attorney is a driving under the influence charge. This can happen to almost anyone whether or not they have been drinking or using drugs. People often do not realize how much this type of charge can impact their lives. Some are under the impression that they will only have to pay a fine and that will be the end of it. The actual consequences can vary but this can be expensive and leave a lot of other problems in its wake. The absolute best thing to do in this situation is to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney that handles this type of case. In California, as a well as a few other states, there is an opportunity to request a DMV hearing within a short period of time after the arrest. This allows an attorney to question the validity of the stop as well as any evidence that you were driving under the influence. There are many reasons why the charges can be tossed out during this hearing so it is always a good idea to try it.

With any luck, most people will never need to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. But if they do, they will want to find one with experience as soon as possible.