When to Hire a Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney

People often need to hire a Santa Clarita criminal defense attorney with our office or an attorney from our other office locations when they or their child have been accused of a crime. While people sometimes associate this need with a person that has done something wrong, the fact is that anyone can be accused; it does not mean the person is guilty. People sometimes find themselves implicated in situations that they have no knowledge of and were not involved in.

Parents often call our office for issues that come up regarding their children. This can be a case of a younger teen hanging around with questionable friends or even gang members. Graffiti, “keying” cars, or other acts of vandalism can cause thousands of dollars worth of damages. Shoplifting, burglary, and assault are also, unfortunately, common. With any luck, this will be a one-time event. Our attorneys can help ease the strain and consequences of such an event.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI’s) are also a common cause for arrest in California. If you are arrested or charged with a DUI, it is best to contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer with our office or a lawyer out of our other offices immediately. Acting quickly may be the best hope of using the DMV hearing process, which can potentially save your license from being suspended. Our attorneys will assist in getting the best possible outcome for the client should the case go to court.

Generally, anyone that is arrested for any type of serious crime needs to hire someone to represent him or her immediately. As most people know by way of the proliferation of Miranda rights through mainstream television, anything you say can potentially be used against you in a court of law. If arrested, it is highly advisable not to speak with anyone without your attorney present. We can help you through the process.