The Importance of a Business Attorney

One of the first people you need to hire once you have established your business is a business lawyer. This might be surprising to you, and you would not be the only one—roughly 50% of all business owners claim that they have no intentions of hiring a business lawyer. The reasons for not wanting a lawyer are diverse: people believe that lawyers are too expensive, that matters can be handled in house without an attorney, and some people simply don’t trust lawyers.

The reality is that with the right business lawyer, your business could save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.

Saving Businesses Money

When most people think about lawyers, they think expensive. This is not strictly true.

Most business owners hire lawyers when the business has already been sued or charged with misconduct. Regardless of whether you hire an Encino attorney from our office, or an attorney from one of our many other offices, this fact is the same: it is a lot easier to keep a client out of court with preemptive measures than to formulate an extrication plan retroactively. Consequently, the best practice is to hire a lawyer before any legal situations arise. If you are in Lancaster or a surrounding area, you can hire a Lancaster attorney with our firm near you who can provide you with legal counsel that will keep you and your business out of harm’s way. You can check our website for all of our office locations for an attorney to provide such services.

There are many different services within the realm of business law: forming and setting up a corporation or LLC, drafting contracts, analyzing leases for new property locations, and more.

Countless facets of a business are vulnerable, and most business owners do not have omnipresence or foresight to predict or protect from potential issues that may arise. Having a trusted legal advisor is one of the best investments you can make in your business.