Train Accidents in California

Although trains have fallen out of favor in the past, the train system is making something of a comeback in recent years with California increasing its efforts to expand the train system in the state. For a wide variety of reasons, this change is a welcome one in the state as trains do offer many benefits that cars do not.

However, it is important to remember that increasing use statistically involves increasing risk. There are over 10 million people who ride trains in California alone, with an average of 70 trains departures per day. Despite the admirable and extremely thorough safety measures completed by California train organizations, the possibility of a train accident still remains a possibility today and in the future. Just a few years ago, the Chatsworth Metrolink accident injured 135 individuals and claimed the lives of 25 victims. In this event, the operator of the train was operating the train while distracted by a cell phone, ran a red light, and consequently placed every passenger on board at risk.

One should be prepared should such a tragedy occur. Personal injury cases require a considerable amount of knowledge about the legal system, as well as the skills necessary to see the case through to fruition. Should you be a California resident who experiences an unfortunate train accident, contact us for a free consultation immediately. Our goal is to work with you through the process, figure out the best game plan moving forward, and ultimately to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. The Werner Law Firm has offices located throughout Southern California, including Bakersfield, Lancaster, and Pasadena. Our personal injury attorneys can help provide you with the service and expertise you need to secure a successful resolution.