Hit and Run Accidents in Santa Clarita

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After suffering injury in a vehicle accident that turned out to be a hit and run can cause you great stress and emotion in the days following the event. At The Werner Law Firm, we can help!

If you were the victim of a hit and run, you can benefit from the experience and dedication that we provide to our clients who are faced with complex personal injury cases. It is important to retain a firm that is experienced handling difficult cases of this nature. Because a hit and run is a crime according to California Vehicle Code 20001 and 20002, we will also need to monitor the criminal charges filed against the driver.

We can represent you in your hit and run case and provide you with experienced assistance! Do not hesitate to contact our Santa Clarita personal injury attorneys at once!

What should I do if involved in a hit and run?

If you were struck by another vehicle that sped away from the scene, do not attempt to chase him or her down. Instead, watch over your party by ensuring that your passengers are safe and check the vehicle for the damages suffered.

You should also try to record all available details of the accident, including:

  • Description of the vehicle (color, make, model, license plate number)
  • Sequence of events
  • Which direction the vehicle drove
  • Time and location of accident
  • Contact information of any eyewitnesses

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