Tire Blowout Cases in Santa Clarita

Tire blowouts are a frequent cause of some of the most catastrophic motor vehicle accidents. If you have suffered injury or lost a loved one from a tire blowout that you believe was the fault of negligence or a lack of duty of care, we encourage you to bring your case to our firm.

At The Werner Law Firm, we have been serving Southern California since 1975 and have since received numerous awards that give testimony to our achievements as a firm. Our Santa Clarita personal injury lawyers have dedicated their time and attention to helping clients fight for the maximum compensation that they deserve after suffering various injuries from a catastrophic accident.

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Factors that Contribute to Tire Blowouts

There are numerous reasons for tire blowouts to occur that can be tracked back to an individual or company's negligence.

Some of the contributing factors may consist of:

  • Aged tire
  • Too much weight for tire to support
  • Punctured tire
  • Defect in the design
  • Defect in the manufacture
  • Poor construction of the vehicle
  • Contamination of the tire
  • Faulty tire

Regardless of the specific cause of the tire blowout, you can come to The Werner Law Firm for the legal help that you need.

Were your injuries caused bya truck tire blowout accident?

Every trucker is given the responsibility to conduct a thorough inspection of their rig to ensure that all parts are well-maintained and to follow commercial truck regulations issued by the Federal Department of Transportation. Problems with tires can be detected through a diligent pre-trip inspection. If the driver does not take this action, he or she can cause an accident if a tire blows.

Whether your tire was faulty or a truck driver's negligence caused an accident on a roadway, you should speak with our firm to pursue compensation for the damage. Contact us at your earliest convenience for the experienced and dedicated help you deserve!