Case Results – Personal Injury

Note: Due to the nature of our cases, only Personal Injury department case results are listed here. Feel free to inquire with our firm about recent cases in our other areas.

Millions Collected for Our Personal Injury Clients*

Lawsuit Against Fedex – $75,000.00

92 year old woman negligently injured by Fedex worker in the course and scope of his employment delivering packages.

Lawsuit Against Restaurant – $235,000.00

Motorcycle accident. Husband and wife riding tandem. Pulled into shopping center and motorcycle slid out due to local restaurant dumping grease

Lawsuit Against Golf Course and Manufacturer of Golf Cart – $230,000.00

Golf cart accident. Product liability case. Man injured when brakes on a rented golf cart failed to work, causing golf cart to careen down hillside.

Premises Liability – $143,889.47

Man injured when automobile parts which presented a dangerous condition in defendant’s garage fell on him.

Car Accident – $75,000.00

Young man injured in car accident by intoxicated driver. Case against intoxicated driver settled after our firm took the case through jury trial and won a victory on appeal.

Premises Liability – $20,000.00

Elderly woman negligently struck by forklift in Walmart.

Suit Against School District. – $120,000.00

School Negligence case – 12 year old assaulted by another student on a school bus. School was aware of past misconduct by student towards client.

Car Accident Suit – $35,000.00

Car Accident. Young woman injured in car accident by intoxicated driver. Case against other driver.

Dog Bite Case – $55,000.00

Dog Bite – Man bit on right hand by dog while on defendant’s property.

Dog Bite Case – $75,000.00

Dog Bite – 8 year old girl attacked by dog

*Aggregate – Settlements and Verdicts since 1975