Civil Litigation in Southern California

Our civil litigation attorneys recognize that litigation can be very expensive. Prior to commencing litigation, our firm will perform an evaluation of the liability issues, damages, collectability, and potential ultimate cost of litigation and advise our clients of what we believe to be the best course of action.

We believe that a good attorney should carry both a carrot and a stick. The civil litigation attorney should aggressively pursue a case while at the same time look at every opportunity for an early settlement or resolution.

For relatively small matters, people should consider small claims court. In small claims court, a person can sue for up to $10,000. This may mean that a person will have to waive damages beyond that limit. Attorneys do not practice in small claims court. The benefit to the individual is that the matter is handled in an informal manner, there are no attorney fees and it is resolved very quickly.

Our firm has been practicing for over 38 years and we have vast amounts of experience in civil litigation. This includes, but is not limited to, cases involving breach of contract, fraud, evictions, landlord/tenant, conversion, real estate matters, elder abuse (financial and otherwise), and breach of fiduciary duty. We may litigate over a living trust, an insurance policy, a business venture or just about any matter where there is a dispute and a reasonable opportunity to recover substantial damages or obtain an injunctive order.

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