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The Last Will and Testament is undoubtedly the most well-known estate planning tool. In California, a will is a document that you can create to provide instructions on the distribution of your assets and property at the time of your death. When drafted in a legally sound manner and implemented in conjunction with a living trust, this document can provide invaluable assistance to your loved ones when determining your final affairs.

If you are searching for lawyers for wills and other estate planning related services, Werner Law Firm can help you create a will, as well as guide you through the process of planning for your future with ease.

What Does a Will Do?

A properly drafted will allows you to:

  • Name beneficiaries.
  • Establish the rightful heirs to a person’s property.
  • Establish guardians for minor children.
  • Name an executor of your estate.

It is important to note, however, that your will does not cover everything. Life insurance, retirement plans, assets held in living trusts, and jointly-owned property cannot be affected by a person’s will. Your will must be signed by you and at least two witnesses in order to be finalized in California. Unlike other states, notarization is not required for a will to be legally binding. Should you decide to change the terms of your will or desire to revoke it entirely before you pass away, this can be accomplished by creating a “codicil” with the assistance of an attorney. A codicil is a document that allows you to amend or change the terms of your will and is drafted in a similar fashion.

Why Is It Important to Create a Will?

If you don’t create a will before you pass away, California then handles the distribution of your estate based on the “intestacy” law. In simple terms, this means that the state will give your property to your closest living relatives. If you have no living relatives by blood or marriage, the state will inherit your property. When the state is tasked with handling a person’s estate, the outcome will oftentimes contradict what the deceased person would have actually wanted. For this reason, create a will ahead of time and periodically review its terms- it’s crucial to ensuring your wishes are honored.

A Will Alone May Still Require Probate

Note that while a will designates who you want to have as your beneficiary, having a simple will without a living trust may require your family or named beneficiaries to go through probate. This can cost them time and money. For more information, you can visit our FAQ page on the differences between a will and trust, or contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Planning for Your Future Today

Werner Law Firm’s lawyers for wills and other estate planning related services have helped countless clients secure their futures throughout our more than 40 years of legal practice. Having been honored with a “Best Of” SCV Award for the past eight years in a row, our experienced legal professionals are equipped with the knowledge to help you plan for nearly all of life’s “what if” scenarios, allowing you to face your future with confidence.

Protecting the rights of our clients is our top priority, and we eager to sit down with you and help you create a will that’s custom-tailored to your unique estate planning needs.