Amputation Lawyers

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Amputation injuries are some of the most catastrophic and life-altering injuries possible. There are a myriad of possible causes of amputation injuries. Vehicular accidents or incidents with machinery involving jagged or sharp debris can tear through soft tissue and muscle, requiring amputation of extremities or more. Such incidents can often be fatal. Our amputation lawyers can help you when you need it most.

It is important to understand that where another party is at fault for such injuries, you have a right to sue them not only for medical damages suffered, but additionally for pain and suffering, inconvenience, loss of consortium (intimacy, sexual relations, loss of doing various activities with a spouse, etc.), loss of current and future earnings, expected future medical care, and generally the financial or economic equivalent of the injuries impact on your future life.

Insurance companies and adjusters will generally fight on issues ranging from liability (who is at fault for the incident), to whether or not you actually suffered the injuries to claim, to the extent of the reasonableness of your medical bills to treat such injuries, and even the extent you claim the injuries affect your day to day life! Our personal injury and amputation lawyers at the Werner Law Firm deal with insurance companies on a regular basis, and will fight to make sure you are rightfully compensated for your injuries!

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