Assault and Battery Lawyers – Personal Injury Claims

How our Santa Clarita Assault and Battery Lawyers Can Help

In most cases, personal injury lawsuits are filed in response to an accident, such as a car crash or an act of negligence. If your injury was caused by intentional harm from another individual, speak with assault and battery lawyers from our firm at once! Assault and battery are intentional torts that often form the basis of a lawsuit within civil court.

Assault, within a personal injury case, is the intentional act that is intended to cause harmful contact. Battery involves actual intentional and harmful contact with another individual. For assault or battery to be proven in your personal injury case, the contact to the victim can be any of the following:

  • Direct and immediate
  • Indirect and immediate
  • Indirect and remote

Legal Protection from The Werner Law Firm

At The Werner Law Firm, we can represent you as the plaintiff if you have suffered mental or physical injuries in an act of assault and battery. As the victim, you may be entitled to damages from the attacker. The defendant, however, may raise defenses in opposition to your claim, such as acting in self-defense or defense of others. For that reason, you will need to obtain experienced and dedicated legal guidance from our firm’s personal injury lawyers in Santa Clarita. Call our firm to begin pursuing the justice you deserve!

What do I do after an attack?

After an attack, you will want to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and to be proactive in preparing for a strong case. Following are some of the preliminary steps that you should take:

  • Call the police to report the crime
  • Seek medical treatment
  • Gather information from available witnesses
  • Contact an experienced lawyer

When another individual causes you harm through violent conduct, you can turn to The Werner Law Firm for the legal guidance you need and deserve. We can protect your rights from the start to the finish of your case!