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Injured in a Bicycle Accident? We Represent Injured Cyclists Throughout Santa Clarita

bicycle accident attorneysWith the many bike paths and trails in and around Santa Clarita, California, it is no surprise that bicycle accidents are unfortunately becoming more common. At The Werner Law Firm, our bicycle accident attorneys offer experienced and professional legal services to bicycle accident victims during their pursuit of full and fair compensation. Bicyclists are often ignored by drivers of motor vehicles, which can result in devastating accidents. Bicyclists who are involved in collisions with motor vehicles can suffer catastrophic injuries of various types, including but not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Paraplegia
  • Quadriplegia
  • Paralysis

You may have the right to recover compensation!

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Proving Liability in a Bicycle Accident Case

Proving liability is often difficult and may require a qualified accident reconstructionist or another expert to determine the exact cause of the accident. Even if the bicyclist was violating a traffic rule, the driver may not automatically be absolved of all liability. For instance, the driver may have failed to yield to the cyclist and can still be held at fault.

At The Werner Law Firm, we can call upon the services of investigators and expert witnesses to determine liability and help you fight for maximum compensation. If you retain our legal services, we will take any legal measure necessary to help you fully recover, both financially and physically, from your bicycle accident.

Collecting Compensation from a Bicycle Accident Case

You can rely on our firm’s Santa Clarita bicycle accident attorneys to help you pay for damages suffered, including:

  • Medical Bills
  • Future Medical Treatment
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Wages
  • Future Lost Earnings

If you try to work with an insurance company and its claims adjuster, they will try to diminish the value of your case. Our firm’s Bicycle accident attorneys can devote our time and attention to protect against the actions of the insurance company and to fight for the compensation you deserve!

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