Accidents: When Should You Get a Lawyer?

There were over 2.31 million injuries related to car accidents in 2013, a figure that has been steadily rising for decades, while dropping more recently. While it is a staggering statistic, new innovations such as self-driving cars and modernized public transport solutions may make our roads safer. Innovations in data and oversight help make construction […]

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6 Questions for an Assault and Battery Lawyer

Assault and battery can be one of the most traumatizing and heinous crimes – being attacked and injured in close quarters by a stranger or a friend can change your notions of safety and security, and may introduce trauma. Because of the potential for long-lasting and sometimes irrevocable harm in cases like this, they are […]

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What Does It Mean to File for Bankruptcy?

To most, the idea of bankruptcy is nothing if not terrifying – but when it is all said and done, bankruptcy represents the chance to start over and get out from under an unfortunate and disastrous situation. Most people assume that bankruptcy is a sign of irresponsibility and an inability to work with money – that […]

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The Basics of Setting up a Living Trust

Regardless of where you are in life, contemplating your own death and the events that might follow is normal. We live in uncertain times, and worrying about the future is only natural. Yet what you should not be worried about is the safety of your assets in the event of your passing. Peace of mind […]

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Incentive Trusts: An Overview

An “incentive trust” is a legal entity that holds and manages assets such as money or property for a benefactor. Basically, it is a trust that can conditionally reward a benefactor for reaching a certain goal or behaving in a certain way. This can be quite useful for someone with a large inheritance who wants […]

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The Werner Law Firm: Best of SCV for 8 Years in a Row

The Werner Law Firm and our team of Santa Clarita attorneys is always looking for the best way to bring our clients the best results for their legal cases and concerns. We are excited and proud to announce that this year we have received several professional awards and distinctions due to our effort, dedication, skill, […]

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